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“To reduce energy costs for low-income families, particularly the elderly, people with disabilities and children, by improving the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their health and safety.”

  NECAC Weatherization Specialist Tyler Holton (right) points out new duct work to Fred Rottman at his recently weatherized home in Louisiana. 

   NECAC in the News on WGEM Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio



he Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was created in 1976 to assist low-income families who lacked resources to invest in energy efficiency.  WAP is operated in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Native American tribes and anticipates beginning services to U.S. Territories.  Funds are used to improve energy efficiency of low-income homes using the most advanced technologies and testing protocols available in the housing industry.  The energy conservation resulting from the efforts of state and local agencies helps our country reduce its dependence on foreign oil and decrease the cost of energy for families in need while improving the health and safety of their homes.

AP is a federal funded program and is governed by the Department of Energy and Department of Natural Resources.  NECAC administers the program for its 12 county service area.  NECAC has administered the WAP program for over 30 years.

he NECAC Weatherization Program offers long-term solutions to energy consumption problems.  Clients whose homes are weatherized will notice an expense reduction in their monthly utility bills. 

he program is designed to provide low-income families with repairs to their homes that will assist the family with conserving energy and lowering their monthly fuel bill so that they have money for other necessities.  Many families struggle with the high cost of heating their homes.  For low-income families it can be a matter of deciding between paying your heating bill or purchasing food.  The home may not have insulation or efficient heating equipment which causes the monthly bill to be higher than necessary.  The WX program is a long-term response to this problem.  Through the WX program we can provide families with insulating their homes and ensuring they have safe and efficient heating equipment.  These repairs are made at no cost to the family.

nce a home has been weatherized the annual fuel cost per dwelling is reduced by an average of 24%.

nterested persons should contact their local NECAC office to complete an application or anyone who would like more information may contact the Bowling Green office at 573/324-2251 or call  toll free 800/748-7636.

ental Units, owner occupied homes and mobile homes qualify.

ork measures may include but are not limited to:

  • Insulation (attic, walls, floor)
  • Replace broken or missing windows
  • General Air Sealing
  • Check all combustion appliances to ensure their safe and efficient operation
  • Furnace (clean & tune, repair, replacement)

FY2013 Poverty Income Guidelines for Weatherization Programs

Household of 1 - $22,980      Household of 5 -  $55,140

Household of 2 - $31,020      Household of 6 -  $63,180

Household of 3 - $39,060      Household of 7 -  $71,220

Household of 4 - $47,100      Household of 8 -  $79,260

-Add $4,020 for each additional family member over a household size of 8.

These income guidelines are effective as of Janaury 24, 2013.