Board of Directors

NECAC is governed by a volunteer 36-member Board of Directors and managed by a full-time CEO. The 36-member Board of Directors is composed of three representatives from each twelve (12) counties served.

One-third of the board members are:

  • Public Elected Official Representative
  • Civic Interest Representative
  • Low-Income Representative

This organizational structure ensures local decision-making control and accountability, as well as the ability to develop programs to operate and set policy and administrative procedures to ensure the needs of the disadvantaged are met. The local board involvement also ensures granting officials and tax-payers that program goals and requirements are achieved efficiently.


Executive Officers

Lyndon Bode
Marion Co

D. Randall Cone
Pike Co

Troy Dawkins
Shelby Co

Don Patrick
President & CEO


Fred Vahle
Warren Co

Mike Bridgins
St. Charles Co

Board Members - Public Elected Official, Civic Interest Representative, Low-Income Representative

Lewis County
Travis Fleer - PEO
Paul Kinney - CIR
Vacant - LIR

Lincoln County
Matt Bass - PEO
Jerelyn Burkemper - CIR
Curtissa Kerr-Hunter - LIR

Macon County
Clarence Walker - PEO
Jean Jones - CIR
Mickey Shipp - LIR

Marion County
Lyndon Bode - PEO
Josh Wilson - CIR
Roy Hark - LIR

Monroe County
Mike Whelan - PEO
Peggy Hultz - CIR
Maxine Jones - LIR

Montgomery County
Rich Daniels - PEO
Cheryl Wisdom - CIR
Jane Dorlac - LIR

Pike County
Bill Allen - PEO
D. Randall Cone - CIR
Vacant - LIR

Ralls County
John Lake - PEO
Lowell Jackson - CIR
Judith Statler - LIR

Randolph County
Jerry Crutchfield - PEO
Patricia Danner - CIR
Will Barger - LIR

Shelby County
Glenn Eagan - PEO
Mary Kraichely - CIR
Troy Dawkins - LIR

St. Charles County
Mary Hutchison - PEO
Mike Bridgins - CIR
Diane Hileman - LIR

Warren County
Fred Vahle - PEO
Angie Scott - CIR
Tina Deutschmann - LIR