Family Development

Family Development

Though Family development participants are offered a variety of life skills classes some of which include: Budgeting, Energy Savers, Good Neighbor, Home Ownership, Building Strong Families, Healthy Life Styles etc., these classes are in three hour sessions and are free of charge.

Case Management

One-on-one meetings with participants and case manager setting goals to obtain education, employment, etc.

Life Skills

Clients are offered a range of life skills workshop opportunities. These workshops include the following: Budgeting, Couponing 101, Energy Savers, Good Neighbor, Building Strong Families, Nutrition and Self-Esteem Classes.

Family Self-Sufficiency

While receiving Section 8 Rental Assistance, an escrow account is set up for each participant as they gain employment

Missouri Asset Development Project

This is a three year program where participants establish a savings account and make deposits monthly, enroll in case management and attend financial education workshops. All money participants save is matched 2:1 with other funds up to $2,000. The matched funds come from local, state, federal and private funding sources.

For more information, please contact your local County Service Center.